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Lani W Takitimu - Manager: Compliance NEW WORLD WHAKATANE

Genus have met and exceeded my expectations …..

“For me a key component in any pest management control is not so much the standard package of bait stations, sprays and insect because probably many companies would do a similar thing – but the real test is ability and capacity to readily move to address a particular problem which may have manifested itself at any particular site. Genus (Genera) have met and exceeded my expectations in this regard in our Store.

I believe our decision to move to Genus (Genera) for our pest control management just over 12 months ago has been in hindsight a very sound business one for us, and one which we do not regret.”

Hermione van Driel MELBA FOODS

We can count on Genus to address the problem …..

“Experience and expertise are important when determining quality pest control services. At Melba Foods, pest prevention, pest control and clearly documented pest control procedures and records are a fundamental part of our Quality System. If there is a pest management issue I need to know that I can get help to address the problem promptly and effectively. I know we can count on Genus (Genera) to do this. In addition we have sometimes requested changes on short notice due to production or maintenance adjustments, and Genus (Genera) has always gone out of their way to accommodate the changes for us.”

Karen Roche - General Manager BIRCHWOOD PACKHOUSE LTD

Genus have taken the time to understand our needs …..

“High pest control standards are paramount to ensuring our compliance to industry standards. Genus (Genera) technicians have taken the time to develop an understanding of our operational needs and they continue to work closely with us to ensure our ongoing pest management programmes are effective. This has allowed us to maintain an excellent pest control system.”

Vince Huston - Quality Assurance Manager AUCKLAND MEAT PROCESSORS

Genus have strong commitment to using eco-friendly solutions …..

“As a result of excellent performance in achieving the objectives in the vermin management plan, Auckland Meat Processors signed off on a two year contract with Genus (Genera).

The Genus (Genera) technicians assigned to Auckland Meat Processors were very professional to deal with. They have implemented long term preventative measures to address vermin issues on the site rather than short term reactions to reported sightings.

They are a very customer friendly company to deal with, have well qualified technicians, who react quickly to any reported sightings. Genus (Genera) also have strong commitment to using eco-friendly solutions to vermin issues.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Genus as a professional and effective pest management company”