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Prevention is better than the Cure

Genus offers pest management solutions to all industries including; flour mills, bakeries, dairies, meat factories, food processing, restaurants, hotels and many more. Our team of specialist technicians have a wealth of experience in the commercial sector and understanding of the challenging standards that are required. They are fully conversant with industry standards such as BRC, Yum! and Fonterra.

Working on the principles of Exclusion, Restriction and Destruction we will design a programme to meet your needs.

We recognise that all sites and situations are different and so before recommending a pest management and control programme we will carry out a site survey. This will involve discussions with you and your staff on the pest issue to give us an understanding of the problem and the effect this has on your business.

“Prevention is better than the cure”

We will work with you to implement an Integrated Pest Management programme that focuses on PREVENTION and not just the CURE.