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Genus is the pest management division of Genera Limited, a privately New Zealand owned family business.The founder of the company, Mark Greenwood, first became involved in the pest management and fumigation business in 1972 as a salesman for PestFree Services.

In 1974 Mark was promoted to manager of the Bay of Plenty region and in 1975 he, with his wife Val, formed a family company and took over the business.

This was the start of Genera Limited. In these early days the business focussed on pest management and gradually expanded into the fumigation market.

Mark and Val are still actively involved in the running of the business and are passionate about its continued growth and independence.

Over the years the business has grown and now has has operations in Australia, Fiji and Thailand. However the core values of customer focus and care remain.

The pest management division was rebranded Genus in 2012 to highlight its position as a stand alone part of the business and  as being New Zealand owned and operated.

"A Kiwi company understanding Kiwi problems"